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About Ultramed
Ultramed Technology has a team with several decades of market experience in the field of radiation oncology; they maintain strong relationships and reputation with their clients.
 In the field of professional clinical medicine, Ultramed Technology possesses a strong and highly skilled consulting team. Additionally, in the realm of medical equipment, instruments, and equipment registration expertise, Ultramed Technology can provide a significantly professional consulting team to serve its clients.
TSC (Transcendence Science and Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 1990 and is Taiwan's largest semiconductor material and equipent agency.
 Ultramed Technology Co., Ltd. and TSC established a strategic alliance in the medical market in 2010 to expand their reach in the medical market. TSC is also a major shareholder of Ultramed Technology Co., Ltd.
Ultramed Technology exclusively represents the following products:
Xoft "Axxent" system from the United States:
Used for intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer, gastrointestinal tract, radiation therapy for gynecological cancer, and skin cancer.
Hamamatsu PDE-Neo II fluorescence imaging system from Japan:
Used for various lymph node dissection surgeries, flap plastic surgeries, lymphedema venous anastomosis surgeries, and parathyroidectomy.
Offers a range of 360-degree multi-joint laparoscopic surgical instruments, supporting surgeons to easily perform minimally invasive surgeries and quickly treat patients.
Planmed Clarity™ S from PLANMED:
Provides 2D and 3D breast imaging; Planmed breast X-ray examination system offers patients a quick, calm, and reassuring examination with low radiation dose.
Ultramed Technology is constantly seeking unique and potential medical devices and equipment, and looking for partners in the Asia-Pacific region or Taiwan.